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Vt. Button Collection January 2012 (3)_posterization - Copy_signed
Vt. Buttons December 2011 (10)_signed
Uptown Charlotte March 4, 2012 (85)_signed
Vermont Buttons January 2012 (7)as
Sticks 2015 (20)abws
UNC Charlotte June 2008 (171)_signed
Sun Glass_a_signed
Stonewall Jackson School February 2012 (82)_signed
Montreal July 2016 (12)as
NOLA (20)_signed
Ocracoke Beach 09_08_08 (161)a_signed
Shark Teeth pt.1 (19)edit_signed
Sticks - Septermber 2009 (21)as
Sticks 1 (3)as
Sticks 5 (26)a_edits - Copy
Sticks 2 (34)as
Jordan Covers (1999)_signed
Jordan Covers_signed
Fun With Glow Sticks Halloween 2011 (31)_signed
Foggy Morning New Orleans 2008 (1)_signed
Fun With Glow Sticks Halloween 2011 (8)_signed
Frank Lloyd Wright Glass (2)_signed
Day 78 of 365as
crgimages desktop October 2011 (30)_signed
Barbed Wire (5)_signed
Camping in Marion August 2008 (82)_signed
Bulova 96a107 (8)_signed
Chicago Airport Lights (22)as
Chicago Airport Lights (24)_signed
Bulova 96a107 (9)s
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